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Prince of Persia

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Works on Mac, DOS, Amiga and Amstrad CPC

Released in 1989 by Brøderbund Software Inc

Prince of Persia is one of the most successful platformer games in history. Released back in 1989 for the Apple II, this game was followed by commercial successes and launched a wave of several remakes including additional continuations to the story. Its fluid animations and challenging levels were considered revolutionary during its time.

The Prince of Persia's story is heavily influenced by one of the tales of the Mid-Eastern folk tales One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, more specifically, the tale of Aladdin. The plot revolves around an eponymous Prince who has been imprisoned by the Grand Vizier Jaffar, and the princess that he needs to rescue. Jaffar cursed the Sultan's daughter to marry him or she will die in exactly one hour.

The player must navigate his way out of the trap-filled dungeon and into the heavily-fortified tower to defeat the evil Grand Vizier and rescue the princess, all the while confronting the player's doppelganger that was conjured to stop him.

How To Play the DOS Version

  1. Create a new folder for the game (e.g. "GAMEFOLDER")
  2. Extract the game files to the new folder
  3. Run DOSBox.exe
  4. Type "mount GAMEFOLDER" inside the "DOXBox", then press ENTER
  5. Type "C:" and press ENTER
  6. Type "CD PRINCE" and ENTER
  7. To start the game, Type "PRINCE" and ENTER
Save the princess from the evil wizard named Jaffar in Prince of PersiaPrince of Persia is known for its heart-clenching jumpsThe one of many deaths to be in Prince of PersiaPrince of Persia featuring some innovative potion puzzles

Prince of Persia is a Full game that can be obtained on Download Games. This title is compatible with various different operating systems including Mac, DOS, Amiga and Amstrad CPC. Prince of Persia Game was released in year 1989. The game is the highest quality available for download in English for the United States region. Prince of Persia belongs to the Action, Platformer, Jumping and Rogue category of games and is developed by Brøderbund Software Inc. If you enjoy this game then you may also be interested in similar titles like Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and The House of the Dead 2.

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v1.0 [439.19 KB] Game Gear FreeUnited States
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V1.0 [109.60 KB] SEGA FreeUnited States
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V1.0 [399.70 MB] TurboGrafx CD FreeUnited States
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Additional other files:

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