Works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Other

Released in 2014 by DigitalHappiness

Step into the unfortunate shoes of Linda who stumbled upon an abandoned city that's filled with ghosts and other supernatural creatures in this Indonesian survival horror game. Developed by DigitalHappiness, a team of indie game developers from Indonesia, Dreadout is an Asian-themed horror game for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.

Dreadout is about a group of high school students who accidentally came across an old abandoned town haunted by creatures of darkness. The game focuses on the main protagonist, Linda, who began to uncover the dark secrets of the town. Equipped with nothing but her smartphone, Linda must battle against terrifying abominations and solve the mysterious puzzles to ultimately get her and her friends out of the haunted town. 

The game features similar gameplay mechanics to the popular Fatal Frame series where the protagonist must fend off ghosts with modern devices such as cameras and smartphones. When Linda 'dies', she can come back to life by following the bright light while in Limbo state. The Demo version, also known as Act 0, is the prologue to the actual game. The Demo version follows Linda in her nightmarish dream before the actual nightmare begins.

It's not really a good idea to sneak behind some creepy ghost in DreadOutEncountering one giant abomination in DreadOutIn DreadOut, your gadget is your only means of survivalDreadOut featuring one of Indonesia's iconic ghosts

DreadOut is a Demo game that can be obtained on Download Games. This title is compatible with various different operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux and Other. DreadOut Game was released in year 2014. The game is the highest quality available for download in English for the United States region. DreadOut belongs to the Adventure, Scary, Puzzle and Horror category of games and is developed by DigitalHappiness. If you enjoy this game then you may also be interested in similar titles like The Simpsons: Hit & Run and Pokémon: Generations.

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