Works on Windows and Other

Released in 1997 by Interplay Productions

Fallout is a turn-based open-world role-playing game set in a post-nuclear wasteland.  Play the role of a vault-dweller who must venture out to save his colony, and put an end to the Super Mutants.

In this game, you will start with one of three characters or one with player-customized attributes. Regardless of what the player chooses, the protagonist will be referred to as Vault Dweller. Because of some technical problems involving the colony's water supply, the player is tasked with exploring the world outside the vault to find a replacement chip.

The player must navigate the isometric world, in the aftermath of a worldwide nuclear war, and interact with various NPCs. Unfortunately, the world is filled with mutated creatures including powerful Super Mutants, and other survivors who turned into banditry. The game features turn-based combat using the action-point system that rewards players who use better tactics.


  • Mainstream RPG with an awesome storyline and memorable NPCs
  • Open-world setting with countless sidequests and mysteries
  • In-depth character customization with 18 attributes and learnable skills
  • An immersive post-apocalyptic theme
  • Tons of easter eggs and cultural references
Getting some valued spoils from the kill in FalloutOne of Fallout's most intense combat momentsFallout features grim a post-nuclear world filled with destruction and ruinsCustomize your character the way you want in Fallout

Fallout is a Demo game that can be obtained on Download Games. This title is compatible with various different operating systems including Windows and Other. Fallout Game was released in year 1997. The game is the highest quality available for download in English for the United States region. Fallout belongs to the RPG, Sci-Fi, Explore and Post-Apocalyptic category of games and is developed by Interplay Productions. If you enjoy this game then you may also be interested in similar titles like Pokémon: Generations and Diablo.

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