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Mario Editor


Works on Windows

Released in 2016 by HelloFangaming

Create a unique level and challenge your friends with it! Mario Editor is a Mario-themed platform editor/level-maker made using the GameMaker Studio engine. Developed by HelloFangaming, this free software utilizes a massive selection of Mario content from power-ups, enemies, NPCs, items, blocks, sprites, and many more to fuel your imagination and kickstart your creations.

This creative game/tool was initially released back on June 3, 2016, as a successor to Super Mario Bros: Game Master, and was well-received by many Mario fans. Compared to its predecessor, the game features a friendlier user interface, a new challenge mode, the ability to add multiple sections, and a boatload of other features. One of the best parts of the game is its ability to share the created levels with others, and its comprehensive tutorial level that seamlessly teaches new players how to use its various features.

The latest version also features a "Shroom Editor" which combined the level editor from the native Mario Editor with the shooter-style gameplay from "The Shroom Project" - an indie game made by the same developer.

Adding some NPCs and enemies with Mario EditorLooking for a tutorial? Toad talks about how to get things done in Mario EditorMario Editor featuring some uniquely refreshing levelsChecking out the modifiers in Mario Editor

Mario Editor is a Indie game that can be obtained on Download Games. This title is compatible with various different operating systems including Windows. Mario Editor Game was released in year 2016. The game is the highest quality available for download in English for the United States region. Mario Editor belongs to the Platformer, Creative, Side Scrolling and Design category of games and is developed by HelloFangaming. If you enjoy this game then you may also be interested in similar titles like Sonic Robo Blast 2 and Prince of Persia.

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